The medium has changed and the subject matter has narrowed but we’re doing the same thing the three of us have done for a combined 116 years. We’re three former newspaper sportswriters (L to R), Jim Street, Bob Sherwin and Kirby Arnold, who have taken to the Internet to further two of our lives’ passions, writing and golf. We started this web site to stay connected to both. We hope the site informs, illuminates and entertains. Our focus is on the West Coast, where we all spent most of our newspaper careers. We’ll write about and link to information on every public golf course in 12 of the Western states and British Columbia. We’ll cover the PGA as if it’s our home team. We’ll also include some instruction tips, new equipment, predictions and even opinions on the larger world of sports. Hopefully, our writing is a measure better than our swings.

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Heart-rendering or heart-breaking?

We’re looking for some stories from our readers on your golf prowess.

If your goal is to break 100 for the first time, let us know about it. Give us some details on your pursuit of double figures. Same thing goes for breaking 90 and 80. Heck, even 70. No round number is too low for us here at

There are a million stories out there and although we can’t use them all, we will publish as many of them as we can. So break out the memories and the computer and send us your recollections of either crashing through a particular barrier, or coming oh-so-close.