Total Consciousness — 10 February 2014 by GW staff and news services
Total Consciousness: The NBA


The NBA is considering putting nicknames on the back of players’ jerseys this season rather then their surnames. Sounds like another marketing ploy to me, another way to create merchandise sales for such things as “King James”, “The Truth” “D-Wade” and other nicknamed jerseys that would make you wonder just who these guys are. C’mon man! I like the reaction of the Suns’ Kendall Marshall, who tweeted: “Not of a fan of the nickname idea. Having your last name on the back of your jersey isn’t just representing yourself, but your family as well.”

— Jim Street


It’s understood why schools like Idaho State, LA-Monroe, Florida A&M, Florida International and others need to take the money and get absolutely clobbered by the major football powers, but those routs make college football un-watchable. Where’s the joy, drama, excitement, competitiveness, value? Saturday afternoon might as well be Wednesday afternoon. Nothing to see here.

— Bob Sherwin


Unfortunately, college football and basketball are the cash cows for many NCAA schools and the “easiest” way for the bottom-feeders to balance their athletic budgets is to become the sacrificial lambs for the big boys. The discrepancy is getting wider each year –witness yesterday’s blowouts — and I doubt that it’s going to change anytime soon in either sport. Cupcake city is here to stay unless the smaller NCAA schools get a bigger share of the lucrative television-radio revenue. On days like yesterday, I find it best to take care of the honey-do list, rather than watch college football, or the Mariners for that matter.

— Jim Street

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