Total Consciousness — 18 August 2013 by GW staff and news services
Total Consciousness: HBP or PED

Aug. 20

Yankees manager Joe Girardi said something the other night that caught my attention. He asked how we would feel if “your son” was injured by what appeared to be an intentional hit-by-pitch, referring to Alex Rodriguez being drilled by Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster. A good follow-up question to Girardi would have been, “How would you feel if your son has been taking Performance Enhancing drugs?” I would rather have my son hit by a pitch than to learn that he cheated by knowingly taking PEDs.

– Jim Street

Aug. 18

Alex Rodriguez has done more to damage the game of baseball since Pete Rose shamed himself and MLB more than two decades ago and it was a treat watching A-Fraud get drilled by Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster in Sunday’s game at Fenway Park. Hopefully, more pitchers will do the same. Why Rodriguez is still playing defies logic.

-Jim Street

Aug. 18

He’s still playing because what he did later in the game – hit a home run. A-Rod generates an powerful bat as much as an emotional reaction from every perspective, teammates, opponents, fans, media and the Yankees brass, who want him to go away (so they don’t have to pay him). One of these days, everything will catch up to him.

– Bob Sherwin


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